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[he was only fifteen], and I lowered my gun and
said, "Go ahead, but take your time and aim
well" I wanted to get Venne because he Is a
half-breed and has no business mixing himself up
In this fight, I shall get him yet/

Venne3 who lived in a little half-breed settle-
ment on the edge of Almighty Voice's reserve,
heard this, and he fled the country and remained
In exile in the Yukon for fourteen years. But he
is back now, living in his old home, with his wife,
son, and daughter. And he still carries the large
round bullet embedded deep Into his chest,

By a strange trick of fate, Venne now lives less
than a mile and a half from the camp of Almighty
Voice's father and mother. One day I was sitting
In front of their teepee eating with them, when
Mr. Venne's son rode by on a horse, driving some
of his father's cattle. Almighty Voice's mother
said simply and without any feeling or animosity:
'It is a good thing for that boy that my son did
not fire the bullet that struck his father, or he
would not be living now/ That is a well-known
fact; for It is recorded in the records of the
mounted police that Almighty Voice himself
never wasted a shot. Until his final stand, he
never fired a shot without killing.

The shooting of Venne aroused genuine alarm
throughout the country; for every one knew now
that Almighty Voice was in the neighbourhood